Program Management

Find dedicated program management services from the professionals at Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies. Trust us to ensure your program is successful and cost-effective – from design to launch and beyond.

Whatever your organization’s size or industry, we can help you design a comprehensive program or add to an existing one.

Services We Offer

You’ll appreciate that all of our services are customizable. This means you can choose how, when, where and why all activities take place.

Program Design & Roll Out

Work closely with our team to create and launch your program. Get recommendations based on our years of experience. Trust our specialists to:

  • Provide a free initial consultation
  • Identify health risks and find opportunities to improve employee health
  • Develop your strategic wellness plan
  • Set goals
  • Track and analyze outcomes
  • Use online tools to engage your employees

Workplace Policy Review & Consultation

Get help reviewing existing workplace policies and crafting new ones that meet best practices and fit your needs. Count on us to answer your questions about legal requirements and employee wellness program trends.

Data Management

Expect LifeWork Strategies to collect and analyze relevant data. We’ll share reports and updates regularly to guide you in making strategic decisions.

Risk Stratification & Programming for Behavior Change

Predict and identify potential health risks your staff may face and take action to prevent problems.

Program Analysis and Utilization Review

Track and analyze participation in your program to demonstrate value on investment (VOI) and reduction of costs over a multiyear strategy. You’ll receive quarterly and biannual progress reports about the impact of your wellness initiatives.

Follow Up & Satisfaction Survey

Rely on the LifeWork Strategies team to confidentially survey your key stakeholders and program participants about your program’s progress. Based on feedback, we’ll make changes to your program to ensure its success.

Communication Strategies

Spread the word about your program and increase participation. Ask our team to help your human resources (HR) staff, managers or wellness committee promote upcoming activities.

Engage your staff with:

  • Email blasts
  • Print materials, like in-office posters
  • Weekly health tips

Workplace Wellness Consultants

Learn more about our team of experts.

Free Consultation

Request an on-site evaluation or call 800-777-8138 for more information.

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