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As a program participant, get fast access to health and wellness resources with LifeWork Connect from Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies.

What’s LifeWork Connect?

LifeWork Connect is a digital platform that helps employees and employers make a wellness program part of their daily lives and workplace culture.

Employee Portal Features

Access engaging resources online. Use features including:

  • Device integration – Sync popular apps and wearables like Fitbit or Garmin to track steps, monitor activity levels and improve health
  • Health education – View resources, participate in daily wellness challenges and more
  • Motivational tools – Track your progress in incentive campaigns and challenges and get advice from health coaches
  • Personalized health feed – Choose the health information you see based on your interests
  • Social interaction – Talk about health and wellness in a community forum where you can post messages, pictures and links

Employee Assistance Programs

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Request an on-site evaluation or call 800-777-8138 for more information.

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Read Health Tips

Check out the Adventist HealthCare blog for articles, recipes and interactive health checkers.