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Seminars & Workshops

Turn to Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies for seminars, workshops and webinars for your workplace.

Employee Trainings

Boost employee engagement with on-site and online courses led by trained specialists. Develop a customized program with our support, or select from popular topics such as:

  • American Heart Association (AHA) Heartsaver® first aid and CPR certification
  • Building positive work relationships
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Time management
  • Goal-setting for success at work
  • Better sleep for better work performance
  • Fitness for busy professionals
  • Healthy nutrition habits and cooking demonstrations
  • How to quit smoking, using e-cigarettes, vaping, or chewing tobacco
  • Parenting skills

Planning Services

Encourage employee participation with help from us to:

  • Pick topics that match the interests of your staff
  • Customize or combine presentations to meet specific training needs or address a workplace issue
  • Promote your event

Course Formats

Count on LifeWork Strategies to develop a program that works for you. You may choose:

  • A single presentation
  • A series of seminars
  • Lunch and learn workshops
  • Question and answer (Q&A) sessions
  • Webinars
  • Weekly health tip email campaigns

Presenters & Motivational Speakers

Trust our qualified, dynamic speakers to engage your employees and answer questions. We’ll also provide educational materials.

Corporate Fitness Classes

Boost teamwork and improve energy and focus with a workplace exercise program. Count on us to:

  • Teach your staff how to exercise safely
  • Share the benefits of exercise
  • Create a comfortable environment for exercise
  • Provide support and encouragement

Types of Activities

Your program can include gentle to high-intensity activities such as:

  • Yoga – Uses breathing, stretching and meditation to improve flexibility and relaxation
  • Zumba® – Uses dance to improve aerobic fitness
  • Boot camp – Builds strength and endurance through intensive training
  • Cardio interval training – Alternates bouts of high-intensity, fat-burning exercises with active recovery
  • Kickboxing – Combines boxing and martial arts moves
  • Meditation – Focuses the mind for clear and calm thinking
  • Pilates – Increases strength and flexibility
  • Walking – Brings employees together for walking clubs

Whatever your team members’ current fitness levels, rely on our professionals to develop a program they’ll enjoy.

Want to Improve Employee Health?

Request a free onsite consultation online or by calling 800-777-8138 to learn how partnering with Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies can benefit employee health while improving your bottom line.

Employee Wellness Programs

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