Our Team

Turn to Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies for high-quality programs and customer service. Partner with workplace health experts who offer support during every step of the process.

LifeWork Strategies

  • Nicole D’Uva
    Nicole D’Uva
    Associate Vice President of Employee Health and LifeWork Strategies
  • Katherine Rhoderick
    Katherine Rhoderick
    Director of LifeWork Strategies
  • Erica Conover
    Erica Conover
    Business Development Manager
  • Adela McDonnell
    Adela McDonnell
    Program Administrator
  • Bernice Richmond
    Bernice Richmond
    Program Administrator
  • Jordan Manley
    Jordan Manley
    Account Manager
  • Michaela Chornock
    Michaela Chornock
    Well-being Specialist
  • Cecilia Sullivan
    Cecilia Sullivan
    Well-being Specialist

Employee Assistance Program

  • Kathleen Crowley
    Kathleen Crowley
    Clinical EAP Manager
  • Hilary Boboshko
    Hilary Boboshko
    Program Manager, Resiliency and Burnout
  • Bobby Jepson
    Bobby Jepson
    EAP Counselor
  • Malika Curry
    EAP Counselor


Dedicated Account Managers

You’ll work with an Account Manager, or Well-being Strategist. Your account manager will:

  • Make onsite visits to your organization
  • Provide your initial free consultation
  • Serve as your main point of contact for LifeWork Strategies
  • Recommend and customize programs and services
  • Report and analyze data

Trained Professionals on Staff

Your program can give employees access to specialists such as:

  • Counselors – Help employees with mental and emotional health needs
  • Work-life consultants – Provide support for professional and personal goals
  • Nurses – Perform assessments and screenings and deliver vaccinations
  • Health coaches – Work with employees to set, meet and maintain personalized goals
  • Health educators – Teach employees about behaviors that promote wellness
  • Licensed massage therapists – Use touch and other techniques to treat muscle soreness
  • Group exercise instructors – Lead exercise classes

Health & Wellness Speakers

Connect your staff with motivators and presenters who inspire them to improve their health. Explore workshops and webinars about health topics, professional development and goal setting.

Free Consultation

Request an on-site evaluation or call 800-777-8138 for more information.

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